Turn your negatives into positives

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Can you imagine a life without negativity? It would honestly be a dream come true.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected so many people in a negative way. currently as things stand we are faced with job or company loss, health issues, financial problems and not forgetting to mention crime. We can’t fix everything at once. We can however focus on one thing at a time. Some negatives are out of our control. Those that we can control we need to face head on. Reach out for advise or assistance, remember you never alone.

In order to start making positive changes in our life we need to take responsibility for our reactions and responses to negative impact put onto us. By taking accountability we can focus better to resolve the matter. When we ignore or shift responsibility it will never be resolved. Example we lost our jobs because of the pandemic. If we keep fighting the company we waste time, energy and resources to finding another job.

We need to break down the problem, see how it affects us and what we can do to make things better for us going forward. Sometimes God places us into situations that we might be uncomfortable in, but only God knows the benefits that awaits us once we go through the difficult times. So hang in there and keep the faith. Put your trust God.

Remember we have complete control of the situation that we are faced with. We can make it spiral out of control or we can calmly try to process the situation and execute a solution that pleases us.

Sometimes when you caught in a toxic situation best to be calm, stay quiet, until such time that people are more approachable to communicate more rationally.

Listen, process then react.

Take the positives out of every negative and build on it. focus on the positive outcome. Be more mindful of the things we need to be grateful for.

Keep in mind if we focus on the negative situation that we find ourselves in, we will only become more despondent and spiral out of control and before you know it, we way in too deeper. We need to take baby step to move forward in a positive direction.

Aaron Doughty has a wonderful way of explaining it.

We now need to start changing our thought pattern when it comes to negativity thoughts.

Have a wonderful week ahead filled with happiness, peace of mind, tranquility and faith.

Lotsa love and blessing.

Zainab Achmat


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