The conversation and attitude towards mental health has shifted significantly in the last few years, whereby the topic of mental health is no longer a taboo subject and more people are proudly joining the conversation.

Thanks to Kyle ClarkEntrepreneur, TV Host, Radio Presenter & Actor, the conversation is taking a giant leap forward with his impactful podcast, Switch On, proudly paving the way forward by normalising the topic and allowing the South African public to speak their truth and find comfort in addressing the topic.

Kyle is best known for his multi-talented performances in Vodacom’s No 1 Leading TV Commercial; DSTV Telenovela’s; Radio & Field Presenter for 947; The Host of the Toyota Fortuner Challenge; The Host of LG’s Mobile Launches; ETV’s Rhythm City; on the Screen Movie Zion, and more.

Described as a “love letter to the new generation,” Kyle is using his own voice as an act of direction, and offering us “the guidance we never knew we needed”.

His podcast, which had a remarkably successful first season saw real, raw and realistic episodes, each including an esteemed guest who proudly stood alongside Kyle, offering even more insightful content which not only keep the listener entertained, but also informed, educated and motivated.

“In the introduction of the podcast I said: ‘It’s the guidance you never knew you needed from the people you wanted to hear it from the most’ – We live in a world where all these high profile celebrities are being looked up to for mostly superficial reasons and they have also never been given a platform to truly share their heart. I selected each one of them, as every single one of them has had a very positive impact within my life. I have either watched them for years, watched them go through an online war or watch them crumble online in some way or form and never got to speak their own truth. I hope their stories resonated with their viewers and they also got to share a side of them that no one would see online,” Kyle tells us.

We caught up with Kyle and asked him to share his top 5 tips and suggestions for those dealing with anxiety and depression – this is what he had to say.

– Find your triggers and work on them. Just about everyone has some emotional triggers, though these might look a little different from person to person. They might include reminders of unwanted memories, uncomfortable topics, another person’s words or actions, even your own behaviours. 

– Take your own mental health more seriously than you take your career or your fitness, everything starts from the mind. Also, remind yourself that it’s totally OK to feel whatever you’re feeling in that moment. Sad, angry, afraid, mad — triggers can evoke plenty of emotions, and that’s normal.

Always try and find someone to talk to, this could be a therapist or a friend that is a great listener. Finding someone to talk to not only provides connection, comfort, and understanding, but it also offers opportunities to talk about shared experiences as well as prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

– Don’t bottle up your emotions and later explode, even though facing your feelings is a very daunting experience, release is better than pressure. People with repressed emotions often have trouble naming and understanding their emotional experience. This can make it tough to describe how you feel to others, of course, but it also makes it difficult for you to recognise when certain aspects of your life aren’t serving your needs.

Your problems matter and you need to remind yourself of this daily! No one experiences perfect mental health or well-being all of the time. We all have to learn how to balance the different aspects of our lives. When things in our life change, we have to re-establish the balance. However, ongoing mental health problems can take a real toll on your well-being which is why your problems matter – big or small.

Kyle Clark


Season TWO of Switch On is set to release in the next upcoming months.

You can stream all the episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or watch the entire interview on their YouTube Channel.

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