Taking charge when things feels like its falling apart

I’m still in the process of working on eliminating the things that drains me.

I do realize that some drains are completely out of my control but I need to work on myself to approach these situations better and find ways to resolve it in a manner that I am in agreement with. There is no quick fix solutions.

There are times I feel my shoulders are just not broad enough to take on more responsibilities. Naturally when you the “go to” person, people dump their problems and responsibilities on you. It’s very difficult when you, yourself don’t have the support you need.

I explained to a friend of mine that I feel like I’m filling a bucket with water but I can’t fill it fast enough to reach the top because the people that drains me are poking holes in my bucket. They are draining my bucket and no matter how I try to fill it, the water is escaping by bucket through the holes. I am still allowing those people to poke that hole in my bucket because I’m taking on their responsibilities. The responsibilities of others that don’t affect me, I must stop taking onto myself.

I need to change the mindset of the crowd pleaser that I was. Changing my behavior or habits will not happen over night. I need to constantly remind myself to

  • Listen (get the full story)
  • Process (how does this affect me)
  • React (Don’t be forced into doing something that does not add value to you. You don’t have to respond immediately.)
It takes a while before you get to breaking point.
If you do get there,
identify what got you there and start making changes in your life to build a better you.
You will be faced with unhappy people as they will need to adjust to the new you.
Don’t allow their negative energy to stop you from your #selflovejourney

6 Steps to recharge when things feels like its falling apart.

  1. Take time out for prayers or meditation. (helps mentally and spiritually)
  2. Exercise (helps body)
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Make time to check in with positively genuine friends /family.
  5. Work on building a better stronger you.
  6. Get rid of what don’t add value in my life.

5 Calming Steps for When Things Are Falling Apart by The Daily Positive https://youtu.be/PJGPy1zL284

Have a wonderful week ahead filled with happiness, peace of mind, tranquility and faith.

Lotsa love and blessings

Zainab Achmat


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Natasha Abrahams

Natasha Abrahams

So informative and inspired!

Got you Girl!

Oct 8, 2020 9:02 am Reply
Zainab Achmat

Zainab Achmat

Thank you Natasha for sharing and helping to inspire others too

Oct 8, 2020 2:23 pm Reply

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