Secrets of an Alpha woman they usually keep hidden.

Females are not born alpha woman. It is something that develops over time. Most of the time it is emotional hurt or detachment that usually get suppressed and initiate these alpha traits.
Females develop these dominant characteristics over time and situations that causes the change in them is different for each alpha woman. For some it stems from childhood, for others as teenagers and some later in life.

They could develop into these dominant woman from their childhood days. There are things in life that triggers them and kinda forces them to stand their ground and build their walls higher than just the ordinary women

I lost my father in my twenties and had had to endure two divorced. Rushing into a relationship is not for me. I really need to know you and feel comfortable with you as a friend before we can go to the next level.

I stumbled upon a you-tube post that I would like to share.

Tips for dating an Alpha woman

  • Don’t expect everything to go easy/ your way. It’s a give and take.
  • When in an argument don’t throw fuel on the fire. Allow her to cool off then approach in a rational calm way.
  • Communication is key to be in along term relationship.
  • Trust comes before obedience. Everything else will flow.
  • They love being with a partner that is confident, a problem solver, someone who can take a bit of responsibility off their shoulders.
  • Don’t be argumentative /aggressive especially in front of an audience.
  • She enjoyed being with someone who allows her to be independent and still be supportive to her goals and dreams.
  • The partner is only allowed to display control /dominance in a sexual way. Other than that the alpha woman don’t like being controlled

Please comment if there are any tips you would like to add

Wishing you abundance of happiness, peace of mind, tranquility and faith.

Lotsa love and blessing.

Zainab Achmat


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