Recognize what drains you.

Blog 6 – Session 4

This was a jam packed session that gave me so much to think about. This journey has allowed me to face some things I have buried, so its no quick fix. I am aware that I am meant to post on a Monday’s but honestly I will need to take a two week break from the sessions at the life coach to process and work on my awareness of my values to overcome the things that drain me. I will still be posting my weekly journey

I am aware that all the decisions I have made in my life has got me to where I am today. I have to take responsibility it. I can’t change the past but I can definitely change the current situation to create a better and more grounded future me.

Thinking about the things that drained me in my past and even currently, I get all worked me up and tense, to the point that it spikes my high blood pressure instantly. I want to get to a point where I am in control of my emotions.

Currently I am still working on grounding myself to find inner peace. Still making time for myself (my happy space). People around me will just have to accept it. In time to come things will get easier.

I need to create a deeper relationship with myself. To understand what are the things that triggers me, that eventually drains me and how I need to overcome these obstacles. Sometimes I think people like myself become accustomed to these negative energies that drain us. We just leave it and carry on as per norm . We even go on by saying “it could have been worse” and the excuses just continues one after the other. Enough is enough!

As of today, let’s be mindful of the things that drain us. Lets first take the time to identify it, so that we can find ways to not allow these drains to affect us.

  • Avoid getting involved in other people’s drama
  • Avoid negative people
  • Avoid negative self talk
  • Take time out to process and identify who are the people that have alteria motives amongst your family, friends and acquaintances. (not everyone has bad intentions, so differentiate between the two)

Things that drains me that I need to work on are:

  • When people make assumptions and act on it as apposed to communicate and get the correct information first.
  • People that don’t value /appreciate the little things in life and end up complaining about everything.
  • Negative people that constantly criticise
  • Narcissistic people / self absorbed people

I need to loosen the knots to release my tension of things that drain me. I need to focus and grow my awareness of my values to help eliminate the people or situations that drain me. Everyone’s values are different as our goals are different.

Things I value are :

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Consideration
  • Respect
  • Authentic people
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Family
  • Appreciation

Diamond of the session was:

Realizing that I can identify that I can be mindful about avoiding the same repetitive patterns of my past. I plan to be more actively aware of my drains… When I am faced with a current situation then I will retrieve and go in my processing mode to jot down my situation and then react better manner.

Have a wonderful week ahead filled with happiness, peace of mind, tranquility and faith.

Lotsa love and blessings

Zainab Achmat

Personal Mastery Coaching is a whole body activity. Zainab has spent the last few weeks filling her mind with lots of self discovery knowledge. All this knowledge is no good if it just stays in her head. It’s important to test this new found knowledge. So even though we on a two week break I will be there to chat if anything comes up.

This is the time to be playful and curious. Greet yourself with kindness each day and don’t let the fear, judgement or cynicism keep you caught up with the hype of the unknown. At the end of the day “what you allow is what you continue” why not play an active role in your own life. Therefore, each day spent, is on becoming an expert of the self.

“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do by learning the answer itself” – Lloyd Alexander

Have a wonderful every new day and on the days that it is not so wonderful may you have what you need to get through it.

I am sending you love and blessings until next time.

Personal Mastery Coach

Shana Hendricks

Contact 0784001117


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