7 ways to free yourself from your vulnerabilities

During our second session my life coach has instructed me to build info on finding out what the potential positives are of people that affects the business negatively.

I was told that I have the potential to vibrate at a higher positive energy level, hence I am able to keep staff motivated and focus on the task at hand.

Right now my focus is to expand, create and grow the business. I can’t allow people to cause blockages.

I need to keep my focus and vision.

The aim of the second coaching session was to build information not to find the answers, not to know the outcome, not to know the definitions but instead to build on my findings of the first session. So that coach and I can analyze it next week.

My diamond of our session was realizing that I need to sit with and acknowledge the issues that which irritate me so that I can find calm within my daily quiet / question time..

In order for me to resolve my irritabilities, I would need to shift myself into a place I feel safe, I would need to dig deep to find the core concerns.

I would need to identify my vulnerable space, to identify what causes me to become emotionally vulnerable

Being the empath that I am, I realize that: I am vulnerable because of…

  1. being abused for my kindness
  2. being exploited by abusive people.
  3. being exposed to negative toxic relationships.
  4. being gaslighted
  5. lack of trust.

Finding ways to take charge of my life I realize: I need to…

  1. avoid conflict as some people need this to feel superior. Arguments will never lead anywhere as it must go there way or no way. You will only end up feeling drained and abused.
  2. not allow people to let me doubt myself as it gives them power.
  3. master the art of diffusing the responsibility between the abuser and myself as apose to taking all the responsibility as expected by my abusers.
  4. avoid accusing my abuser of anything, as they won’t accepting accountability anyway. Find a better way to get the message across.
  5. calm my abusers in order to disarm them of their armer. They expect and want that argument, they will speak louder and above me just to show authority but instead of retaliation I need to stay calm try to understand and validate and give recognition when it’s due. I might not agree with everything said. So I will have to find a better calmer way to suggest other options that will accommodate both parties.
  6. back down from confrontation to allow myself to process and then go back with better suggestions. I keep saying it’s not what you say. It’s how you say it..
  7. people with purpose have a sence of belonging. Know my worth and know my purpose in life.

We numb vulnerability Рby Brené Brown https://youtu.be/iCvmsMzlF7o

A message from Shana Hendricks (Mastery Life Coach)

Women are like tea bags. You never know how strong they are until they’re in hot water – Eleanor Roosevelt

The role of women has evolved since the time of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Today women should be growing in their potential regardless of water temperature.

Women now have the power to control their own narrative.

Accessing your potential strength starts with deep self love and that often means visiting places within you that feels new, strange and sometimes confusing.This is why, if you lived your life playing a passive role in the outcome, there is a chance that you are not controlling your narrative.

For those of you who realised that self love is important to you, then within your process of getting to know yourself, you will discover new, strange or confusing moments.

Love is not a forced feeling, for example if you are experiencing tension in your shoulders due to stress, your reaction to self love shouldn’t be a statement to others saying, “I need a massage because I deserve it”. Rather self love is committing to releasing body tension, because then you will function at your best and this will allow you to be more present and available to others. I encourage you to play with all your new discoveries about yourself whether it is amazing or uncomfortable, because if you are not winning you are learning. Here are some tools to help you along the way:

Step 1: When you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, angry etc. Stop and take a bathroom break, or if you have more time go to a quiet place, then prayer (if your not religious then talk to yourself) it is important to give those thoughts in your head words, be as candid and honest with yourself. Once you feel comfortable enough that the root of the problem has been given a voice, you let it go and carry on with your day. Logically everything that you were doing was not a solution anyway, so why not try this. The best way to solve any problem is to remove the cause. – Alberta Einstein

Step 2: Now you might be thinking this is not working and all the reasons why this won’t work, start popping into your head. Well then I will have to encourage you to follow the direction of step 1 again. When you trust you ideate , you amplify the good and eliminate the counterproductive bad. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. trust the letting go process.

Life never gets easier you just get better!

Stay tuned for move liberating tips to create the life you love.

May your journey of self love encourage others to love themselves.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and blessings. Personal Mastery Coach Shana Hendricks contact on +27 (0)78 400 1117


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