2021 here I come!

Happy new year!

I have no new year resolution this year. I’m just grateful to be alive at this point in my life. 2020 had been a really tough year for many of us. Covid has affected people in different ways. For me it affected work being in the tourism industry and home life was challenging financially and many of my close family and friends has contracted the Covid-19 virus.

2020 has also brought along selflove journey with my Personal Mastery Coach Shana Hendricks. It was a much needed awareness to become a better me. It gave me an opportunity to learn the fake from the real people that I am surrounded by. Life has become so short, here today, gone tomorrow hence this year there will be no new year resolutions. This year I need to focus on my health. I need to work on becoming a healthier me, I’m far from eating clean but I’m getting better at it. I also need to exercise regularly. I need to be healthy to be able to look after myself and my family.

On the 03 December 2020 I started doing online bootcamp from the comfort and privacy of my own home. Explosive Functional Fitness Bootcamp has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself.

I enjoy the high-intensity workouts designed to help burn fat fast and the coaches makes it fun too and they give alternative options for the not so fit like myself. (lol) I will get there.

EFF Bootcamp hooked me up with Couch Jamie. She is so inspiring and challenges me and also holds me accountable for the goals I have set for myself. So Jamie called me on the 03 December 2020 and introduces herself and sets and appointment with me for a live video chat.

Couch Jamie explains everything I need to know on how the online EFF Bootcamp works. I have to do a minimum of 4 workouts per week. So I have no excuse as I can do the workouts anytime. She requested me to give her my goals and to write it down for myself. This way she can hold me accountable and she guide me to achieve my goals weekly. She basically asked me to diarize my daily duties and include my workouts and family time to create a balanced life. She gives me the do and don’ts about food. Now I can be more mindful when doing food prep.

Every Thursday I have to book an online zoom appointment with Coach Jamie so that she can check with me to see my progress. This is really the most exciting part. Just knowing that I am going to see her keeps me in check. Before the appointment commences I must give her my weight, my centimeters of my hips, stomach and waist. This helps her advise me better on my progress or lack of. I also have to WhatsApp my meal prep for the week. This is most probably my biggest challenge.

She shares links of the workout and examples of the perfect squat, plank, push-up (still working on this one), burpee and lunge backs. This is so wonderful because I am taught the correct form of the basic exercises before I commence with workouts.

I’m so grateful that I can fit the workouts into my schedule after hours. After each workout I like to post a pic so that Coach Jamie can see I’m not just commenting, I am actually doing the workout. I realized that it’s pointless cheating because you really only cheating yourself.

It does not matter if you unfit like myself or a fitness freak who can’t attend gym due to Covid, this is really a great way to keep fit.

For 2021 I humbly request that you start working on your health so that you too can be stronger for yourself and your family.

Becoming more mindful of what I eat and exercises had made me become more aware of a healthy lifestyle as apposed to the old diets I did back then. this EFF Bootcamp molded me to become a better planner and more aware of my health decisions. I urge you to try them and take this journey with me.

I planned to loose 10kg by 03 December 2021 but after 1 month

  • I lost 2.8kgs
  • I lost 3cm on my hips.
  • I lost 3cm on my Stomach
  • I lost 5cm on my waist

to me the cm’s is what I want to loose. This means I can feel it on my clothes that I am loosing. We all want to loose. Honestly this is a win win situation for me because now I’m loosing and toning. So now I’m going try and double my 10kgs weight loss plan.

Keep checking up on me as I will be blogging my journey with Coach Jamie. Better yet join EFF Bootcamp and lets do this together. Give them a call on 021 447 1806

Best wishes over this new year and may 2021 bring you peace of mind, great health, happiness and abundance of blessings. Keep the faith.

Zainab Achmat

Explosive Functional Fitness Bootcamp


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